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Sister friends  …….What can I say but that this website has saved me many times over.  I found the original site a couple of years ago when I was first just starting to come out to myself.  I remember searching the internet for anyone who was like me, but all I found was gay porn.  Till the amazing day that I came across this site.  This site is run by a minister who happens to be gay.   Anita is a wonderful writer and has a great sense of humor, but the biggest draw for me was the fact that she knows my struggles or at least can understand them because she was there once herself.   But her being gay isn’t the best thing about this site.  She has a firm foundation in scripture and she writes in a way that brings the scriptures alive.  Even if you don’t agree with her, you will respect her because she comes from a place of respect for everyone and their beliefs.  You will not see any badmouthing or snide remarks.   If you happen to be a lesbian, you can join the on line community that is full of wonderful women of christ.  There is so much love and support.  A wonderful place for lesbians who are christians.


*!(emphatic asterisks)  Shush is a good christian woman who lives by the creed, “love thy neighbor as thyself”.  Although she touches on a lot of different topics, she is never judgemental of those who live differently than she.  I know if we were to meet we could sit down and have a good conversation irregardless of the fact that I am gay and she is straight.  It would not be an issue because we are both children of God. 


gotauthenticity   Joni writes from her soul.  Everything she writes is true to what she is feeling at that time.  Some very thoughtful posts and some posts that are almost like poetry to read.  I always read her posts and think about them the rest of the day.

Burning or Building Bridges  I like her sense of humor and all of the good info on her site.

A pocket full of hope Such a sweet person and it amazes me how many times her comments or her posts are exactly things that I have been thinking.

As I find more blogs that I HAVE to read everyday, I will add them here as well as my blog list.  But if you have a few minutes, go to these blogs and bask in the warmth and wisdom that you find.






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